What We Do

Equipment Loans & Grants

Temporary and/or permanent loans of durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, feeding seats, prone standers, strollers, adapted toys, bath seats, etc., are provided without charge regardless of disability.

Equipment Loans and Grants
Computer Tech Lab

Computer Tech Lab

The lab features computers with adaptive input devices for assessment, training and/or personal computer time enabling individuals with disabilities to improve skills, cognizance and confidence through technology. (Tulsa)

Financial Assistance

As funding permits, Ability Connection Oklahoma can provide assistance in funding for specific expenses related to disability that have no other source of funding. Through a simple application process, a committee reviews requests in the following areas; small specialized adaptive aides, diapers, specialized formulas, critical medications, and emergency rental costs.

Financial Assistance
Higher Education Scholarships

Higher Education Scholarships

As funding permits, higher education scholarships may be awarded to students with physical disabilities, through a competitive application process. Applications are reviewed for Fall and Spring semesters.

Moms’ and Dads’ Support Group

A collaborative effort with the Tulsa ARC. The purpose of this support group is to provide a nurturing and supportive forum for parents and grandparents of children with disabilities. (Tulsa)

Moms' and Dads' Support Group
Special Friends Bowling League

Special Friends

Bowling league for children, adolescents and adults with disabilities and their families. Meets Tuesday evenings at Holiday Lanes in Oklahoma City. (Volunteers needed)

Northcliff Gardens

Sponsored by Ability Connection Oklahoma in collaboration with the Norman Housing authority. This HUD Section 202 Housing complex consists of 44 living units for low-income elderly.


The Willows/Pathways

Ability Connection Oklahoma sponsored HUD 202 accessible living accommodations for adults with disabilities. Program consists of 38 units across 3 locations.

New Voices

Thanks to the latest digital technology, children who are non-verbal are learning to “speak” for the first time and communicate with family, friends, and teachers. The iPad’s unique size and portability makes it a good fit for children with disabilities. Comprehensive language software and visual and audio applications, or “apps,” are available.

Currently seeking grant opportunities to fund the New Voices program.

New Voices
Information / Referral and Follow-Along

Information/Referral and Follow-Along

Information is provided and referrals are made for services appropriate to individuals who contact the agency with needs and/or questions. Follow-up services are also provided to ensure that individuals successfully locate available programs and services in the community.

Moore Xtreme

Athletes with disabilities train together to participate in competitive sports. Sports include: Bocce, Golf, Power-lifting,
Basketball, Horse Shoes, Track & Field, and Softball, Flag Football and Equestrian.

(Volunteers needed)

Moore Xtreme
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